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Rimaluz, S.L.

Rimaluz S.L. presents its new collection of led luminaires. In our beginnings we dedicated ourselves to the manufacture of recessed indoor luminaires. Over the years, we have been adapting our products to the new demands of the market and, at present, our range of products covers both indoor and outdoor luminaires for different spaces (homes, commercial premises, businesses, public spaces, …). With more than 25 years of experience in the sector, Rimaluz has established itself as one of the reference brands worldwide. However, the family origin of the company, makes us a close and flexible company, where direct and personal contact with our customers makes them partners and collaborators for the development of projects.

With this new collection we intend to provide our customers with more efficient products with great energy savings compared to previous technologies. The client can transform spaces and environments, using different designs, beam angles, color temperatures and powers. For this, the continuous and close deal with architects, decorators and interior designers is fundamental. This fluid communication allows us to adapt the products to the needs and specifications of our customers.

LED lighting

The Rimaluz luminaires do not cease to evolve to always be at the forefront in concepts such as the life expectancy of the LED, the thermal management of the light sources, the chromatic consistency between all the units produced of the same model, the fidelity in the reproduction of colors or improvement of the lumen / watt ratio, among many other factors. Research, development and innovation are the three fundamental pillars to achieve differentiated products, leading and reference that meet the needs of our customers like no other.

As a trusted brand, Rimaluz offers the possibility to its customers to extend the 3 years of the warranty of all its LED products, to 5 years. The culture of design is part of the fundamental values of Rimaluz as a company. This is reflected in our products, pieces taken care of in their design down to the smallest detail. Excellence and dedication in making quality our differential value is our commitment.